Strategic Planning

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." We help our clients conduct formalised strategic plan, with post planning review, to help them understand how they fare against their strategic goals, and recommend them on the next steps required to achieve their business objectives.


A full strategic planning cycle is a tedious process, and touches all departments across the organisation.

An example of a strategic planning process:

  • Kickoff meeting with management team, to understand business goals and objectives for the year(s) ahead;

  • Design a holistic strategic plan to achieve goals and objectives set, working closely with various departments within the organisation;

  • Conduct workshops to share with the management and the working teams what strategic planning is about and kickstart the process;

  • Gather inputs from the various stakeholders;

  • Present an overview of the strategic plan to the management, highlighting key objectives and areas to look out for; and

  • Conduct post planning workshops to various departments, to steer conversation on how they can achieve the operational targets of the company.